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between the planes

The objective for this studio project was to develop a three-dimensional sequence of solid and void construed from two plans.

I asked myself: what spatial configurations could be inferred from within the two plans? How many levels? What was the elevation of each plane? How were they connected?

Allowing the exploration to evolve as a game of levels, intersections, and distance, I brought an additional level between the plans to further its spatial complexity. 

Placed in the rainy setting of Vancouver, BC, I took precedent from the clear and sinuous nature of water. Rather than shutting out the rainwater, I utilized it to create an immersive experience, enabling it to surround and travel with the occupant of the space.

TheĀ  central atrium of sandblasted acrylic represents indoor waterfalls, cycling beneath the raised ground floor.

Translucent reserves dispersed across the second level suffuses the user with natural water in an experiential journey.

Tranquil pools populate the top level and unfolds into the open air. The water cycle is then released and spills over into a high waterfall on the far edge of the structure.

Below are the first two digital iterations I made in Rhino.

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Perspective view
Interior view
Rear view
Second level
Perspective view
Top level detail
Top level perspective
Top level detail
Raised ground floor
Exterior stair detail
View from outside
Top level view
Side view