Rain Chen

villa mairea

A group project,  the above is the view of the Villa Mairea which my partner and I chose to replicate using a combination of digital fabrication methods.

To make this 1:25 model, we used a laser cutter and CNC router. The remainder was dominantly analog work done by hand and in the workshop.

The detail on the thick, black columns were custom-cut dowels, hand painted and varnished with polyurethane.

The placement for the staircase columns were pre-marked and carefully adhered with super-glue. 

After locating the most similar color to the tile flooring and painting the laser cut base, multiple layers of varnish were generously applied to achieve the reflective qualities of the tile.

The white brick wall was also laser cut and scored. Thin, watery layers of white acrylic were applied multiple times to avoid obscuring the shallow scoring.

The plaster portion of the fireplace was fabricated from layers of MDF board glued down and cut down with a table saw. The side detail was achieved through CNC routing.

The stone and mortar portion of the fireplace was made from laser-cut and painted wood. The white mortar was fabricated from hot glue painted over with white acrylic. 

The firewood was pieces of branches found outside of studio.

The golden handles were hand-molded from air-dried clay and spray painted gold. The staircase was laser-cut and glued together in layers of 3, true to the ones in Villa Mairea.

The ceiling paneling detail was also scored through laser cutting.

Perspective views and back view of the full model.